With so many new changes in her life, Nila found that she needed to find a way to unwind. When back home on Corellia, the local market was her go to for relaxation, as she enjoyed shopping, knowing she would use everything she bought. Nila had been so excited when she had been made aware that the temple housed a garden and an area for meditation. She wasn't the type to meditate daily, but enough that she took some time out for herself at least a few times a week. The garden area was so spacious and magnificent, leaving Nila a little overwhelmed by its beauty. It seemed like there was an abundance of spaces that Nila could quietly call her own to do some personal thinking or relaxing. There was a massive tree that felt like it overlooked the entire garden area. A water fountain, a pond, grotto, anything one could think of to be in such a glorious garden. It all seemed like one glorious dream, Nila was in so much near disbelief by what she was seeing, she almost stopped to pinch herself. Nila took her time looking around at the wondrous spender that surrounded her.

With so much to be entranced by, Nila never expected that she could be without peace in such a tranquil space, but as the new Jedi was slowly learning, the temple was easily turning out to be full of surprises. Nila didn't even seem to notice how she fell into a soft lull while allowing her gaze to fixate on the sizable pond focused about the center of the garden. Even with so much quiet, Nila found her gaze transfixed on the unexpected ripples she saw inside the water. Naturally, she thought she was seeing things, tuning out all that was around her to note her reflection and then those of her two children, her son Zaybros, and her daughter, Cheecle. A quick but unsteady hand fell to Nila's mouth, seeking to attempt to muffle an unexpected cry of shock. She spun around quickly, somehow full of excitement and dread all at the same time, but she was met with just an empty space. Her gaze fell quickly back onto the pond, hands curling to her sides as she sought to regulate her breathing which had slightly elevated at the false notion of seeing her children in an unexpected reflection within the pond.

With a spell of pride, Nila found herself a little embarrassed to have cried out, hoping no one had taken to notice her now sudden sense of unease in such a peaceful place. Nila was not the sort to consider herself delusional, but she was finding herself questioning her sense of sanity for the first time.