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      Leaps and Bounds (Aura)

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      The smells that seemed to waft through the Mountain Side Tavern, easily left Nila feeling like she thought she was hungry. Of course, the unmistakable growl to her stomach told her that she definitely was hungry. Nila wasn't shy about getting a meal when she needed to. She took her first of many seats as a patron of the establishment, knowing that she would return many more times in the future. She found herself ordering comforts from home, glad that the temple seemed to have some familiarity from Corellia. She had taken only a few hearty bites of her meal when she couldn't help but eavesdrop a little on a conversation from a nearby table.

      So there was a Jedi Temple Obstacle Course housed at the temple. Nila hadn't any clue of such a thing, but it sent her competitive juices flowing. Not to mention her opportunity to train. Her only problem was, the Jedi Padawan had yet to see the obstacle course in person. Perhaps she could have found it on her own, but then what? She couldn't easily use it without having proper knowledge/experience of it. She needed to talk to someone with an experienced background in Jedi combat and other such skills. She wasn't so sure if the tavern was exactly the best place to find someone like that, but Nila wasn't about to break away from her meal quite just yet. Even so, it seemed the newly minted Jedi was going to have to get a clue somehow.

      "Excuse me, I don't mean to be a bother nor was it my intention to eavesdrop, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation about the Jedi Temple Obstacle Course ... Hypothetically, if one had never experienced this obstacle course before but wanted to - soon - who should one see in terms of exploring such an area ... ?" The two patrons looked like they had just finished their meal and were about to leave, but they seemed friendly enough as they smiled in Nila's general direction, one of them helping the woman out. "I would recommend paying Master Aura SunRider a visit - anyone who might get the chance to meet her is rather lucky indeed. She's quite skilled in many areas of the force, particularly combat .. good guide for the course, if you ask me..."

      Nila offered a polite smile and nod to the other Jedi, going back to poke at her meal, wondering now how she might go about finding this Jedi Master. Nila was very eager to meet the wise woman.

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      At the time, Aura was at the Garden reflecting on memories. The glistening pond accorded her the path to which had inspired her to dive into the past. It was 17 years since the beginning of the New Jedi Order, formally known as The Students of the Light. Much had transpired since its humble beginnings. The Sith were still their enemy as was the Galactic Empire, even though there was a temporary truce with the Imperials. Aura still didn't trust them, which made her stand at battle readiness should the call to arms arise.

      Someone is looking for me, she sensed through the Force, while skipping a stone across the water. She decided to head out to the tavern in search of this Jedi she felt was strong with the Light side.

      Asking several patrons, Aura was directed to a young woman, a padawan, the likes she has never seen. Her gaze fell upon her as she gathered up an introduction.

      "Greetings.....I am Aura SunRider," she stated simply, offering a hand in friendship.

      "May I inquire who you are?" Aura asked softly while lofting a brow in curiosity.

      "I felt you were looking for me," she then alleged, taking a seat besides her.

      "I hope you don't mind.....but I tend to be abrupt when someone asks for me," she said boldly, moving a stray strand of her auburn hair from her eyes.
      I am a Noble Warrior of Light. I battle against the forgers of pain. My blades are the tools of my will and the extension of my destiny.

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